Sunday, 10 March 2013

Competition | Passion for Fashion

When I saw Olivia's amazing competition, I thought 'a chance to win something by screen shopping and dreaming up outfits? Hells to the yes!'.  I thought I'd go with things I'd wear myself, and include clothes that are on my current 'wishlist'.

 Hat £28 Bikini Top/Bottoms £25 Skirt £48 Sandals £48 Nail Varnish £3.45 Sunglasses £16 Top £6 = £174.45
I think this outfit is strangely the most put-together look out of the three. I believe that when you go to the beach you should never look any less cooler than normal, so I went with quite a glamorous look with the heeled sandals and full skirt. The sunglasses and hat are mainly there for practicality - a girl can't get burnt while looking glam! The sunglasses are really cool, as they've got a slightly modern twist on the cat eye trend. I find high waisted bikinis look so much nicer than normal ones, and just love this simple black one. The bra can be worn under the top - as it's slightly sheer, and the bottoms can be worn under the skirt without looking odd, because of the skirt's high waisted fit.  
Top £15 Dungarees £42 Bag £55 Shoes £45 Nail Varnish £3.99 Eye Liner £3.99 Sunglasses £12 = £173.98
For this outfit, I went for the 'cool girl, summer in london' kinda thing. I wanted to keep everything simple, with a muted colour palette. But then change things up a little with a dungaree dress instead of shorts, and supergas instead of converse. I love/really want this bag, as I imagine it being one of those bags you can chuck the kitchen sink into and go without any faff. 
Blazer £75 Trousers £50 Clutch £10.70 Top £6 Shoes £39.99 Bracelet £4 Lipstick £5.49 = £191.18
To be honest, I'm not really into wearing dresses for going out/parties, although I love getting dressed up. I think the suit is really cool and elegant, then kept things simple with the white top again. As most of this outfit is quite subtle, I put in these awesome SILVER shoes which aren't too high so comfy enough to wear through the night. I then added the see-through clutch because I really like the idea of it, and lets be honest if you can't wear a transparent clutch to a night out when can you where one?
I hope you guys enjoyed my outfits as much as I had making them!

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