Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Nails

I'm still not over the glitter/metalic/brights trends for nails (although glitter is such a pain to remove). To start off, I've included a couple of my all time favourites with Model's Own Champagne and Nails Inc Portobello - the first goes with absolutely any outfit, and (dare I say it) the second really does add a pop of colour. Barry M Raspberry is a great warm colour for the winter monthes, I've been wearing it recently as a nice alternative to red. I chose Nails Inc Old Park Lane as it happens to be the same colour as the car I drive - taking colour coordination to another level! I've been using Revlon Gold Get 'Em as a neutral colour, as it comes out pretty sheer, plus it was from poundland - so a great bargin.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wisely and Slow

This year I'm booking my driving test and saving up for a holiday in the summer, so didn't go crazy sale shopping. Instead I ordered this bag I'd had my eye on in a champagne/chocolate induced late night christmas day purchase. It's so simple and a great size for carrying my folders into school. Yay for practical purchasing!