Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Outfit | Freedom!!

 So the time has finally come - I've finished school! It was a long time coming, but feels so weird now it's here. It's been a long time since I've posted but I've had to put the blogging ting aside while a levels toke over my life. But luckily I've been taking a few pics on the sly, so expect many more flowery shirt/trouser combinations to come!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Who Knew? | The New 'Made in Chelsea' Girls are Actually Quite Cool (and have real life jobs)

My huge talent for procrastination somehow landed me looking up the MIC newbies. And to my surprise they're rather cool, and all seen to work at Tatler! I love all these candid shots by Phoebe Lettice (is that her real name?), I wish the show was way more honest and candid like this.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Life | Recent Photos

 Aside from tackling a mountain of revision, I've tried to make time for a few fun things these past few weeks. Including:
Looking at free art at the tate modern
Taking numerous photos of my lovely little cat
Decorating gingerbread men (modern art?)
Buying my dress for prom
I just want to wear my dress for prom all day everyday, though sadly I still have to wait a couple of monthes. Can exams please just be over?

Monday, 1 April 2013

Outfit | Spring #1

This outfit feels very 'fashun', but after glimpses of sun and seeing these zara shoes I couldn't help but start thinging up dream outfits for spring. After seeing the bag all over blogs/youtube videos/twitter/any other media I didn't think I wanted it. But recently it's use has been plaguing my mind, it'd be perfect for summer travelling and going out - 18th present for myself maybe?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Outfit | Monkeying Around/Jungle Fever

I know I said I was trying a spending ban, but that didn't work out. I saw this awesome kenzo-esque top while wandering round H&M and couldn't resist! The print is so cool and the fabric is so great.
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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Competition | Passion for Fashion

When I saw Olivia's amazing competition, I thought 'a chance to win something by screen shopping and dreaming up outfits? Hells to the yes!'.  I thought I'd go with things I'd wear myself, and include clothes that are on my current 'wishlist'.

 Hat £28 Bikini Top/Bottoms £25 Skirt £48 Sandals £48 Nail Varnish £3.45 Sunglasses £16 Top £6 = £174.45
I think this outfit is strangely the most put-together look out of the three. I believe that when you go to the beach you should never look any less cooler than normal, so I went with quite a glamorous look with the heeled sandals and full skirt. The sunglasses and hat are mainly there for practicality - a girl can't get burnt while looking glam! The sunglasses are really cool, as they've got a slightly modern twist on the cat eye trend. I find high waisted bikinis look so much nicer than normal ones, and just love this simple black one. The bra can be worn under the top - as it's slightly sheer, and the bottoms can be worn under the skirt without looking odd, because of the skirt's high waisted fit.  
Top £15 Dungarees £42 Bag £55 Shoes £45 Nail Varnish £3.99 Eye Liner £3.99 Sunglasses £12 = £173.98
For this outfit, I went for the 'cool girl, summer in london' kinda thing. I wanted to keep everything simple, with a muted colour palette. But then change things up a little with a dungaree dress instead of shorts, and supergas instead of converse. I love/really want this bag, as I imagine it being one of those bags you can chuck the kitchen sink into and go without any faff. 
Blazer £75 Trousers £50 Clutch £10.70 Top £6 Shoes £39.99 Bracelet £4 Lipstick £5.49 = £191.18
To be honest, I'm not really into wearing dresses for going out/parties, although I love getting dressed up. I think the suit is really cool and elegant, then kept things simple with the white top again. As most of this outfit is quite subtle, I put in these awesome SILVER shoes which aren't too high so comfy enough to wear through the night. I then added the see-through clutch because I really like the idea of it, and lets be honest if you can't wear a transparent clutch to a night out when can you where one?
I hope you guys enjoyed my outfits as much as I had making them!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Outfit | Spots and Neon

A (very poor) attempt at an outfit post. I've never been that good at these, infact I'm not sure if I've ever taken a real 'outfit photo'. In an effort to create more outfits and less thought into getting ready in a hurry, I'm trying to document my favourite day-to-day outfits. After way too many shopping trips recently, and looking at uni fees/accomidation/student banking I've decided to go on a spending ban for march - call it giving up spending for lent... ish! I really want to make an effort into buying more basic items which are better quality, instead of making impulse purchases which i'll regret later. I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Chanel Les 4 Ombres | Mystic Eyes

Wow I've been such a lucky girl. After her 5th business trip, mum bought me this divine eyeshadow set by chanel. The colours are so pigmented and neutral that I can see myself wearing them everyday - and I have so far! Sorry for the camera-in-mirror shot and the lack of swatches. I tried, but I'm still getting used to the beauty side of blogging - it's harder than it looks!

H&M | SS13

Despite the emerging appearance of a few bikinis, I've barely noticed that spring is coming up. Until however, I was these two pieces from H&M's SS13 collection. Really hope I can get my hands on them!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fashion Week Faves | Topshop Unique

Despite the hype, I wasn't expecting a lot from Topshop Unique, having been dissapointed for the last few seasons. However this season they simply blew it out of the park! I thought the technology aspect of the show worked really well in not detrackting from the pieces, and the cameras in the bags was a really cute touch. The clean lines and aray of textures was super cute and I can actually see myself wearing these pieces as outfits for once. Although I'll be at uni (got my first offer yesterday!!!!) and won't have to dress as smart, I can't wait to keep hold of my tailored trousers, and invest in some of those amazing shoes and jumpers!  

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Outfit | Stripes and J Dubs

For the first time in what seemed forever, I went shopping yesterday! I had to make a quick change after being at school in the moring, and so came out with this outfit which I really liked. As it was the start of fashion week/the second J W Anderson X Topshop collection, I whipped out my little J Dubs pin. I also brought out my baby Alexa, whi doesn't come out very often nowadays because of school and the fact the clasp is broken. I can't believe it, but I'm actually going to Westfield for the first time this week (I'm terrified), so wish me luck!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hand Me Down Beauty

   Mousse Clarite Express Cleanser | YSL, Gel Exfoliant Ultra - Lissant | YSL, Creamy Cleansing Milk | Chanel, Shower Gel | Jo Malone, Gentle Cream Exfoliant | Dermalogica
Trust me this post is a lot less gross than the title suggests. After years of travelling and collecting samples (some, pretty full sized). My mum decided that they had better use with me, than collecting dust in the back of her cupboard. Naturally, I happily accepted! I've already tried the Mousse Clarite Express Cleanser by YSL and it is gorgeous - so I can't wait to try out the other products.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Buys

Jumper | American Apparel via Ebay
I can easily say that in the week I've had this jumper, I've probably not worn it for about a day. I bought it origionally as I'm going to the Isle of White, and wanted something warm to have. But since we've had such crap weather here I've had it on me non stop. My favourite part is the turtleneck - I can wear it with the highest t shirt neck and not look stupid, and it acts as a scarf!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Nails

I'm still not over the glitter/metalic/brights trends for nails (although glitter is such a pain to remove). To start off, I've included a couple of my all time favourites with Model's Own Champagne and Nails Inc Portobello - the first goes with absolutely any outfit, and (dare I say it) the second really does add a pop of colour. Barry M Raspberry is a great warm colour for the winter monthes, I've been wearing it recently as a nice alternative to red. I chose Nails Inc Old Park Lane as it happens to be the same colour as the car I drive - taking colour coordination to another level! I've been using Revlon Gold Get 'Em as a neutral colour, as it comes out pretty sheer, plus it was from poundland - so a great bargin.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wisely and Slow

This year I'm booking my driving test and saving up for a holiday in the summer, so didn't go crazy sale shopping. Instead I ordered this bag I'd had my eye on in a champagne/chocolate induced late night christmas day purchase. It's so simple and a great size for carrying my folders into school. Yay for practical purchasing!